They want you to return to Them and become like Them. Yet we can be united in our love of and faith in Jesus Christ.”, “Paul’s Epistle to the Romans establishes the principle that we follow the culture and doctrine of the gospel of Jesus Christ. The gathering of Israel moves forward.”, “The challenge for you and me is to make certain that each of us will achieve his or her divine potential.”, “If you really want to embrace “a new normal,” I invite you to turn your heart, mind, and soul increasingly to our Heavenly Father, and His Son, Jesus Christ.”, “Now, my dear brothers and sisters, I bless you to be filled with the peace of the Lord Jesus Christ. This happens when we live and share the gospel. SALT LAKE CITY — The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints held its 190th Annual General Conference on April 4-5, 2020. Further, you have a divine endowment that enables you to build faith in others in compelling ways. '”, “…the millions who have accepted the gospel of Jesus Christ have committed themselves to achieving both righteousness and unity. I hope you enjoy these wonderful messages as much as I did. To develop the desire, we must know who Jesus Christ is. That is anarchy, a condition that has no effective governance and no formal police, which undermines rather than protects individual rights.”, “This country should be better in eliminating racism not only against Black Americans, who were most visible in the recent protests, but also against Latinos, Asians, and other groups. He can even help us know what changes we need to make. The more you understand your true identity and purpose, soul deep, the more it will influence everything in your life.”, “Columnist David Brooks said: ‘Many of our society’s great problems flow from people not feeling seen and known. COVID and cancer, doubt and dismay, financial trouble and family trials. I speak of the continuing struggle with emotional and mental health challenges that weigh heavily on the souls of so many who suffer with them, and on the hearts of those who love and suffer with them. What level of effort would we be willing to give to invite His miraculous power into our lives so that we can change our very nature?”, “Elder Neal A. Maxwell taught: ‘As we ponder having been commanded by Jesus to become like Him, we see that our present circumstance is one in which we are not necessarily wicked, but, rather, is one in which we are so half-hearted and so lacking in enthusiasm for His cause—which is our cause, too! '”, “…all are under the directive to become like Him, just as Jesus Christ became like the Father. A recommend is not a checklist, a hall pass, or a ticket for special seating. He was helping them to prepare and press forward to and through the proving, examining, and trying experiences of their lives.”, “I promise that as we both prepare and press forward with faith in the Savior, we all can receive the same grade on the ultimate examination of mortality: ‘Well done, thou good and faithful servant: thou hast been faithful over a few things, I will make thee ruler over many things: enter thou into the joy of thy lord. It felt significant to have a high-ranking Church leader openly make that statement in general conference and to point back to President Clark’s talk (which, to me, is one of the most significant talks given in the 20 th century in the Church). Would you be willing to be one of these angels?”, “I promise, that if we are willing to serve, the Lord will give us opportunities to be ministering angels.”, “While we endure a season of physically distancing ourselves from others, we need never endure a season of spiritually distancing ourselves from Him who continually, with outstretched arms, entreats us, ‘Come unto me.’”, “With those around us, let us be more open, more willing to talk of Christ.”, “Let us kindly witness our faith in Christ.”, “Be more open on social media in talking about your trust in Christ.”, “We care more about being His followers than being ‘liked’ by our own followers.”, “I promise you that as we prepare ourselves as President Nelson did, we also will be different, thinking more about the Savior, speaking of Him more frequently and with less hesitation.”, “As we come to know and love Him more deeply, our words will flow more comfortably, as they do when we speak of one of our children or of a dear friend.”, “If the world is going to speak less of Him, who is going to speak more of Him? Alma 32:43; emphasis added; see also Alma 32:41–42. Elder Gary E. Stevenson speaks during the Saturday afternoon session of the 190th Annual General Conference on April 4, 2020. Credit: Screenshot, Can someone who is focusing deeply on charity not increase in love and humility? “Come, Follow Me was provided as a home-centered, Church-supported tool to strengthen individuals and families. Their oneness with the Savior made them one with each other. He prayed for His disciples and for those who would believe in Christ: ‘That they all may be one; as thou, Father, art in me, and I in thee, that they also may be one in us.’ Oneness is what Christ prayed for prior to His betrayal and Crucifixion.”, “In the first year after the Restoration of the gospel of Jesus Christ, recorded in, “The culture of the gospel of Jesus Christ is not a Gentile culture or a Judaic culture. Conferences. '”, “Two basic principles can guide and strengthen us as we face proving and trying circumstances in our lives, whatever they may be: (1) the principle of preparation and (2) the principle of pressing forward with a steadfastness in Christ.”, “As disciples of the Savior, we are commanded to ‘, “Our efforts to prepare for the proving experiences of mortality should follow the example of the Savior, who incrementally ‘increased in wisdom and stature, and in favour with God and man’—a blended balance of intellectual, physical, spiritual, and social readiness.”, “Some Church members opine that emergency plans and supplies, food storage, and 72-hour kits must not be important anymore because the Brethren have not spoken recently and extensively about these and related topics in general conference. It is without envy or pride. It is through this lens that lives should be lived, communications considered, and relationships fostered. “Key principles to manage your finances include the payment of tithes and offerings, eliminating and avoiding debt, preparing and living within a budget, and saving for the future. See Rankin Wilbourne and Brian Gregor, “Jesus Didn’t Suffer to Prove a Philosophical Point,” Christianity Today, Sept. 20, 2019, '”, “When I was serving as the Executive Director of the Temple Department, I heard President Gordon B. Hinckley refer to this scripture spoken by the Lord about the Nauvoo Temple: ‘Let the work of my temple, and all the works which I have appointed unto you, be continued on and not cease; and let your diligence, and your perseverance, and patience, and your works be redoubled, and you shall in nowise lose your reward, saith the Lord of Hosts. And I renew my invitation for you to increase your understanding of priesthood power and of temple covenants and blessings. It has a much higher and holier purpose. “This is the dispensation when no spiritual blessing will be withheld from the righteous. Here are three of many prophetic teachings about this. So many issues become non-issues!”, “The only way to survive spiritually is to be determined to let God prevail in our lives, to learn to hear His voice, and to use our energy to help gather Israel.”, “One way He will succor you will be to invite you always to remember Him and to come unto Him.”, “The way to come unto Him is to feast upon His words, to exercise faith unto repentance, to choose to be baptized and confirmed by His authorized servant, and then to keep your covenants.”, “You and I accepted that invitation to be tested and to prove that we would choose to keep the commandments of God when we would no longer be in the presence of our Heavenly Father.”, “Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ know and love you. He has a perfect view of us and will lovingly show us our weakness. Religious goodness and wisdom are needed in today’s cluttered, noisy, polluted world.”, “As we discover God, sometimes unexpected answers to prayers take us from the street, bring us to community, chase darkness from our souls, and guide us to find spiritual refuge and belonging in the goodness of His covenants and abiding love.”, “May we joyfully accept God’s invitation to receive and help fulfill His promised and prophesied blessings in all nations, kindreds, and tongues….”, “From the beginning of time, the Lord has provided direction to help His people prepare spiritually and temporally against the calamities and trials that He knows will come as part of this mortal experience. At this 200-year hinge point in our Church history, let us commit ourselves as members of the Lord’s Church to live righteously and be united as never before. Saturday Afternoon Session. Due to the global coronavirus outbreak, the conference was held in a small auditorium rather than the 21,000-seat Conference Center, with only the First Presidency, speakers and those offering prayers in attendance. These calamities may be personal or general in nature, but the Lord’s guidance will provide protection and support to the extent that we heed and act upon His counsel.”, “In today’s environment, with a pandemic that has devastated whole economies as well as individual lives, it would be inconsistent with a compassionate Savior to ignore the reality that many are struggling and ask them to begin building a reserve of food and money for the future. When will these burdens be lifted? Saturday Morning Session. Can we gently tug a little here and hoist up a little there to help them heal while they enjoy our friendship?”, “If you are suffering an injury from a [spiritual] fall, please allow others to help you return to your covenants and the blessings they offer. All that is [hard and challenging] about life can be made right through the Atonement of Jesus Christ.’ He has counseled us, ‘Look unto me in every thought; doubt not, fear not’ (, “I testify that Jesus Christ is our loving Savior, our Redeemer, the Master Healer, and our faithful friend. If we turn to Him, He will heal us and make us whole again.”, “As the beloved daughters of Heavenly Father, and as the daughters of the Lord Jesus Christ in His kingdom, you will play a crucial part in the grand times ahead.”, “You sisters, your daughters, your granddaughters, and the women you have nurtured will be at the heart of creating that society of people who will join in glorious association with the Savior. I also hope that all of us will more fully acknowledge the ‘greatness of God’ and the truth that ‘he shall consecrate [our] afflictions for [our] gain. Key home storage principles include the storage of food, the storage of water, and the storage of other necessities based on individual and family needs, all because ‘the best storehouse’ is the home, which becomes the ‘most accessible reserve in times of need. © Copyright 2016 - Third Hour. Relief Society and Young Women are not simply classes. You simply will go wherever the current takes you. My beloved brothers and sisters, please understand that He who never sleeps nor slumbers2 cares for the happiness and ultimate exaltation of His children above all else that a divine being has to do. [My talk is intended for] all this Society—if you would have God have mercy on you, have mercy on one another.’. We are here on earth to be tested, to see if we will choose to follow Jesus Christ, to repent regularly, to learn, and to progress.

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