Number plates which are loved and sought after are called “cherished” number plates (this is the official terminology applied by DVLA). The Private Plate Company offer the largest selection of personal number plates and DVLA number plates in the UK. You can transfer a cherished plate from a vehicle to a certificate, or vice versa, with a DVLA fee of £80 payable to make a registration 'transferable'. Premier Plates UK sell cherished numbers owned by clients, government stock and our own stock. Cherished number plates exist in two states - on a certificate of entitlement (showing you as the legal owner), or on a vehicle. Find & buy you perfect plate securely online today. 9 The Foxes, Telford. The first number plate was issued way back in 1903. In fact, the most expensive Regtransfers is not part of, and is not formally affiliated with DVLA. Until this point We offer affordable no-deposit finance for private registration purchases from £280 to £25,000. Whether it's a registration for a name, business or car model you're looking for we guarantee you'll find one that suits you. Initials such as MJB and DJW were now widely available for sale however thousands of them were snapped up by knowledgeable dealers and investors who were quick to see the opportunity of a profit. The next DVLA auction will will be held from Wednesday 22nd - Tuesday 28th July 2020. Disclaimer: Neither or Supplied to You Ltd are in any way affiliated to the DVLA or DVLA Personalised Registrations. Registered in England 08865745. I'm on hand to give you help and advice. number plates that were sold in the UK were classed as Cherished number plates. We carry an extensive stock of our own … This kind of registration is a type that has been wanted for years by motoring enthusiasts all over the world as they look much more distinctive than others’ giving a strong message to everyone who sees them on your vehicle. I'm Katherine. When is a recognised reseller of DVLA registrations. Please note the price includes VAT and the compulsory DVLA £80 transfer fee. Welcome To Regplates - Personalised Number Plates. TF7 4NH. The use of the term DVLA on our website is purely to describe the services and goods offered by The Private Plate Company. Vehicle registrations are commonly known as cherished registrations, personal plates, cherished numbers, private plates, personalised number plates and cherished plates - but are legally known as registration marks. Search our database of Private Number Plates, DVLA auction, and Cherished Registrations. Find your perfect private car number plate from our huge selection of personal stock, customer commissions, and DVLA registrations. At New Reg, you can explore the different types of number plates legally used today in the UK. Private registration numbers can be purchased and used on DVLA registered vehicles. These dateless registrations have come to be known as cherished number plates. This strong following often means that you should expect to pay a bit more for your own DVLA cherished number plates, but our staff are constantly browsing our online database to ensure that our prices are some of the best around. A number plate is an ideal gift for any private number plate fan. This kind of registration is a type that has been wanted for years by motoring enthusiasts all over the world as they look much more distinctive than others’ giving a strong message to everyone who sees them on your vehicle. CarReg arrange all registration transfers via DVLA Swansea. They are often referred to as dateless registrations although they shouldn't be confused with Irish number plates which also have no year letter indicator. how to sell a number plate just complete our online form and we will advertise it FREE of charge for you within 24 hours. For added peace of mind, we can handle the complete legal re-registration of your Private Number Plate for you, with an expert member of DVLA's transfer team including reissue of your new V5 and arrangements for the road tax change. Until the early 1990's, all Search and buy securely online today. The truth is that the older number plates certainly look more distinctive but they always have higher prices to match their desirability! We are proud to be a registered DVLA Re-seller of DVLA car number plates. As you can see, cherished number plates have been exceptional investments over recent years. The DVLA cherished plates that we provide are mainly of the prefix and current style, but we are able to hunt down any specific DVLA reg that you are looking for; offering it to you at the best price – guaranteed. Our staff will co-ordinate the transfer of your personalised number plate with DVLA Swansea and provide updates on transer progress for your convenience and peace of mind. Thanks to this, they know the system of completing a DVLA cherished transfer like the back of their hand and can help with any problems you may run into! Although we have over 56 million DVLA number plates for sale on our website, not all of them can achieve the same effect as a single DVLA cherished plate. DVLA Number Plates in Swansea first issued the "A" prefix number plates in 1991, it opened up a huge opportunity for people with the more popular initials to now buy the personal number plates that were so difficult to find up to that point. cherished registration plates were not as abundant as they are today. With over 40 million great-value DVLA personalised, cherished & private number plates, Absolute Reg has the perfect registration for you to buy today. We call this our price match promise as we guarantee that we can match any other quote for the same DVLA cherished number plates that might find elsewhere. Prefix registrations had a letter at the front of the plate to signify when it was issued. Do not confuse DVLA number plates with other cherished plates. Nowadays we consider cherished number plates to be the personalised registrations that were issued before 1963. Dvla private plates and cherished numbers. *Disclaimer: All personalised registrations for sale on The Private Plate Company website are subject to the DVLA registrations transfer fee of £80. This only really changed when the DVLA became actively involved in the sale of prefix car registrations in October 1990 with the release of "H" registrations for sale. a V778 retention document if the private number is in your name; If the private number is in someone else’s name, the V778 document will be sent to them. Email:    Please note the price includes VAT and the compulsory DVLA £80 transfer fee. We are searching over 30,000,000 number plates for you, this could take up to 30 seconds. We sell thousands of cheap and bargain private car number plates & cherished registrations and are market leaders for Cheap and Bargain Number Plates. 01952 588888 Open 8am -10pm 7 days a week. NetPlates are one of the UK’s leading DVLA recognised resellers of private number plates. DVLA is a registered trade mark of the Driver & Vehicle Licensing Agency. On this, the very first registration issue, it was already clear how popular cherished plates would become in the UK: a man named Earl Russell camped outside the vehicle registration office all night in order to make sure he was issued with the UK’s first number plate, the fabulous “A 1”. You can view our range of DVLA number plates for sale, or complete a DVLA registration check if you already have your heart set on one. You can buy a private (personalised) registration for your vehicle’s number plates from DVLA or from a private dealer.. DVLA registrations are fun and get you noticed, be a number plate poser and you will be cherished. The first cherished plate in the UK? Platehunter is a trading name of Supplied to You Ltd. Cherished Number Plates. These sought-after plates are usually from before 1963, or simply lack a year identifier. Many customers choose to buy cherished number plates to represent their occupation, hobby, favourite football team, an abbreviation of their name or even the name of … DVLA is a registered trade mark of the Driver & Vehicle Licensing Agency. Before you can drive your vehicle, you must: Our cherished number plates can be purchased securely on-line from our website or alternatively by telephone. This fee is paid at the time of purchase. If you should want to know 'Current' style plates are the registrations currently used for new registrations and are made up of the form; 2 letters, 2 numbers and then 3 letters. DVLA oversees enforcement of number plates display regulations and maintains a register of approved manufacturers and retailers of vehicle number plates. “DVLA” is a registered trade mark of the Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency. The history of DVLA plates. There are many different types of number plate formats; those registered before 1963 or in Northern Ireland are the only ones which provide drivers with the option of not displaying indicators of their vehicle’s age.

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