Like the comments above; I had no luck with attempting to work with their customer support and it was well over a month from the time I ordered it until the time I received it, with lots of “we are checking” status in between. Wired Carplay USB Dongle,Android Auto, Mirroring,Smartphone Link Receiver for The Vehicle with Android System carplay Upgrade/USB Connect/SIRI Voice Control/Google Maps 3.0 out of … I would not order from them. Subscribe to our news feed and have our content delivered directly to your inbox as soon as it’s live! As Internet…, Security Fix for NETGEAR Insight App We previously covered the release of the NETGEAR Insight App as part of the OS…, Apple-Compatible Car Diagnostic Tools That Might Save You a Trip to the Mechanic carplay2air. Synology® Announces RS1221+ and RS1221RP+, Aegis Secure Key 3NXC Hardware Encrypted USB 3.2 Flash Drive, Digital Car Key And CarPlay: A Smart Way To Use Your iPhone On The Road - Apple Tech Talk. *Vehicle must be equipped with factory wired CarPlay option. As far as modifying your car, that’s all you have to do. Use of them does not imply any affiliation with or endorsement by them. I have a 2015 MacBook Air. – Microsoft Office 2016 is Crashing on OS X El Capitan It appears users of Microsoft Office 2016 are…, StorCentric Acquires Retrospect, Inc. to Offer Enhanced Backup and Recovery Software Solutions TOTAL SCAM. It is obvious to me that I was being used as an information source for their software engineers and that they probably had no way to test their trial software except to send it to me. I’m in Canada. Your email address will not be sold or shared with anyone else. I was excited to get it but as soon as I connected it to my truck it failed to connect to anything (my truck was listed as supported). There is a new update for the wireless CPLAY2air dongle, so I thought it would be a good time to show how to update it to the latest firmware update. With the iPhone now in Bluetooth Discovery mode, it took only sections for the CARPLAY2air adapter to be discovered. All Rights Reserved. Carplay2Air wird bei MotorTalk nicht gerade als funktionierend beschrieben. I doub’t it works on any other Cadillac system. Could be I am just lucky, but mine works like advertised and does exactly what I expected. Ordered it in May. BUYER BEWARE. They use a secondary company that partners with the USPS. We are happy to report that it worked well. Not sure to be honest. Reactions: YoursTruly. This simple dongle creates a wireless connection between your phone and the car – and it works a treat. It seems it either works great or it doesn’t depending on what vehicle you try to use it in. All product and company names are trademarks™ or registered® trademarks of their respective holders. I new about this adapter long before, but I had hesitated to purchase it earlier based on reviews – those on manufacturer’s site seemed to cheesy and polished and complaints on support in remote sites were somewhat alarming. On the opposite end of the adapter is a standard USB-A port which can be used to charge the iPhone or update the CARPLAY2air software. With the recent introduction of the Apple Watch Series 5, Save 7% on 2 select item(s) FREE Shipping by Amazon. With Apple working on wearable…, Seagate Backup Plus Hub Hard Drive Of all the products we review, the hardest ones are external hard drives (read…, Tattu 2-in-1 Wall Charger and Power Bank Last month we introduced you to the Tattu 4-Port Wall Charger. Please check my other videos on the CPLAY2air wireless Apple CarPlay dongle itself. Every email I send, they say they are investigating. many watch band…, Stellar Phoenix Mac Data Recovery Software If you are a regular visitor to Apple Tech Talk, you know we spend a lot…, iXsystems Unveils Industry’s Fastest OpenZFS Storage System with Launch of TrueNAS M60 If you want to experience the worst product and worst service, I would recommend caplay2air. I have the same phone (6S) and since updating the IOS have been unable to connect to Carplay. Master of Tragedy. They provided new software and instructions that caused the box to crash the same way with only one iPhone present. Save Share. For many years (and still to this day for most of us) Apple CarPlay has been mostly a wired experience in the car. Thanks for watching. The content and operations of this website have not been approved or endorsed by Apple Inc. "The CPlay2air USB dongle offers an attached wire connection, discrete status lights and regular compatibility updates. Make sure your phone is not connected to any other WiFi or Bluetooth networks and remove the hands-free connection from your phone and car system settings. Until then, you can enjoy the freedom of wireless CarPlay by using the CARPLAY2air. We would like to thank the folks at CARPLAY2air for providing a unit for our testing and evaluation. Many vehicle have the CarPlay USB port readily visible, due in part, to make connecting the cable easier to connect. DianeC says. cheers Oliver. I have a Carplay2air and it works great in my 2020 Camry, It does NOT work in my 2016 Cadillac CTS, even though their website says that it does. We did not experience any drop outs or poor connections. Their customer support is very poor. $39.99 $ 39. I noticed this afternoon it has been almost 8 months since I installed the CARPLAY2air device in my 2019 Boxster and eliminated a dedicated hardwired iPhone. ", "The CarLinkit 2.0 USB dongle offers a detachable USB-C connection, clear status indicator and regular compatibility updates", "The JoyeAuto USB dongle brings new connectivity, a unique menu screen and independent software and compatibility". But it still won’t work. Convert wired CarPlay connection to the wireless one! worst experience i have had with a product bought online, no service, no warranty, cannot get to work from the beginning, Seem to have a lot of wonderful reviews on their own site, all made up i bet. The company actually told me I should fake the value on the custom forms, which of course I did reject. CARPLAY2air comes with a one-year manufacturer’s warranty, has an MSRP of $159.95 and is available from the CARPLAY2air web site. If function and display quality are similar to the Carlinkit, it's not for me, the Carlinkit critical reviews say no way for me. VIP Member. Occasionally it would fail to connect on startup. December 31, 2019 at 7:10 AM. Do you use CarPlay and if so, what are your thoughts on a wireless option? Voice your opinion today and hear what 43 customers have already said. The concept is good BUT it didn’t work for me and their support of their product isn’t up to the standards we expect. Account & Lists ... Dongle Connect The Car's AutoKit app to get CarPlay. Check out CARPLAY2air to experience Apple CarPlay in a whole new way. I want to personally assure you that our review of the CARPLAY2air product, like all our reviews are completely independent. Wired Android auto module inside. When we are traveling and stop at a rest stop or a store, we are often concerned about leaving our iPhone in the car since it would be an attractive target for a would-be thief. So far I am happy with the product, it works like charm right from the start on my VW Passat 2017. Epson…, iStorage diskAshur PRO2 Portable HDD If you are a regular visitor to our site, you know we are strong advocates of…, Jabra Halo Smart Bluetooth Headset The earbuds that we know today have a long and storied history but came into…, New Offerings From Southern Straps Finally, I sent a broken product after receiving a reply that I would exchange it a month later, but I neither send nor refund the promised item 18 days after the arrival of the product I sent. All would be good for about 30 seconds to 1 minute, when the crash cycle would repeat. And yes, we always lock our car when we leave it. Connect wirelessly to your factory Carplay in your Audi, VW, Mercedes-Benz, Volvo or Porsche vehicle what was not possible before. Reactions: Insert Coin. There doesn’t seem to be much lag in real time communication on Apple Maps or Waze. I stumbled across this - CarPlay2Air - a wireless dongle/adaptor that transforms the wired CarPlay experience into a wireless one. With more people working from home, and students moving to distance learning, having a…, 2020 Holiday Gift Guide We found the installation process to be quick and easy. Beyond the convenience of just being able to get in your car and go, we think there is a big security advantage to using CARPLAY2air. You should keep that in mind as you plan your trip and either have an extra battery pack available or plan to charge your phone when you reach your destination. As soon as the update has finished it will hold on 100% and say Upgrade Successful. IF they do connect, they will not auto reconnect as advertised at all. Pop the dongle out of the box, locate the USB port in your car where you would typically plug in your iPhone for CarPlay, and plug the dongle in there. I ordered this product in May. VCDS User. It’s probably going to be some time before wireless CarPlay becomes a mainstream option from vehicle manufacturers. It still has not arrived. Only 9 left in stock - order soon. Where to buy If you'd like to try one out for yourself, you can pick up the CarPlay2Air … I have had only occasional disconnects, but that was followed by a reconnection and then no problems. With about ten software update attempts provided for my CARPLAY2air box, none solving the issues I have, I’ve given up and will try, through this review, to warn others of the nature of this box and company. Unsubscribe, Veego Quantifies Home Internet Problems that Affect Quality of Experience in the Wake of Corona Virus It makes it convenient to use Apple CarPlay instead of the standard Toyota set up — and it is a much better travel companion. cheers Oliver. While the CARPLAY2air is not a “throw-away” accessory, it is much less expensive to replace, compared to the cost of a new phone. The process is really simple and takes only a few minutes. My iPhone is the only device that will not connect to Carplay. I received the unit and followed the nearly non-existent “installation” instructions. Reactions: Insert Coin. If the hardware is not working, the customer support is horrible, they don’t take any responsiblity and you must send it back to China on your own costs (incl. This video just explores the update and how to apply it. The Groundbreaking Product Feature from the…, Adobe Issues Critical Flash Player Update for Mac Adobe has released Flash Player version to "address…, MacBook Air USB Port Issues, Reset the SMC Dear Apple Tech Talk: We did not experience any drop outs or poor connections. After connecting the CARPLAY2air adapter to the USB port in our 2018 Volkswagen Passat, we opened the Bluetooth settings in our iPhone XS. Like other classes of products we often test, CARPLAY2air falls into the category of, it works or it doesn’t. Of course you don’t have any guarantee that they will send you a new product, neither that the new one will work. When I presented the support staff at CARPLAY2air with options to replace what might be defective hardware they replied that I was beyond the two week return interval allowed. For more first-impressions, previews and reviews of CarPlay and technology, please do like and subscribe to our YouTube channel. I'm done with the carplay2air. Today was a rare sunny day here in the UK! What a joke. Copyright © 2015 I have ordered on 05-oct-2020, received week later on 12-oct. It’s…, Airthings Launches Mold Risk Indication for its Award-Winning Wave Mini ... Handling said 5-7 days but mine finally arrived 15 days later. We hate spam. Discussion Starter • #1 • 1 h ago. Currently you have JavaScript disabled. Hey folks, I'm sure many of you, like me, get frustrated having to plug the USB/lightning cable in each time to get CarPlay (or AndroidAuto) connected. They acted like it was my fault that this didn’t work with my car after stating on their website that it works with 2020’s Cadillacs. Overall, I am super happy with this setup. Their technical support is non existant. My item arrived in the US in June. Third acquisition…, Belkin Power Rockstar 10000 The batteries in the latest iOS devices keep getting better and lasting longer. I just discovered…, Epson ScanSmart Accounting Edition Software Now Available Across Scanner Portfolio READ: Foreign websites steal our content Click Here to read other Ripoff Reports on I asked them technical questions assuming their engineering staff could help them answer. It will not cost you extra, but it will go a long way in keep us doing what we do best here. But, I was mistaken. We found no difference in sound quality or functionality of the apps we typically use in CarPlay. With just one click, the CARPLAY2air is uninstalled from your car. Since that time I have had nothing but problems. The 78 5-star one liner reviews on Carplay2Air is a big red flag, yells fake reviews to me. SlaBao Rechargeable Battery Case for iPhone... CarPlay App: Chargemap – Charging stations. The CARPLAY2air packaging is about as basic as can be. Today, with cars supporting wireless charging for your smartphones, and plenty of wireless charging phone cradles hitting the market, it seems strange to plug your phone into a cable to get CarPlay running – enter CarPlay2Air. Set Up and Initial Connections Getting the CPLAY2air adapter up and running is at least partially straight-forward. Plus, you are paying more for a rebranded item. The CarPlay controls were exactly the same as when our iPhone is connected with a Lightning cable. Also, if the backup camera was used during startup and before connection, it would fail. Reply. These devices, with their apparent small engineering staff cannot be expected to keep up with changing automobile software changes worldwide, especially when they don’t have access to the cars and new car’s software. This situation caused the box to crash, reboot and try again. Since its release on March 10, 2014, CarPlay has become one of the most sought after options in today’s cars. It will continue to do this over and over. Stay way, does not work. I’ve had no issues making calls before adding this and I know some people have had issues with just the stock system. If you liked this article, please consider sharing it with your friends and leaving a comment below. Sorry for the god rays in this video. The white box with the CARPLAY2air picture and logo on the cover is very Apple-like and would look right at home inside your local Apple store. As soon as the update has finished it will hold on 100% and say Upgrade Successful. How many times have you heard about someone using CarPlay in a rental car, only to return the car and forget to disconnect their phone? … Do you agree with's TrustScore? First of all it took ten weeks for it to arrive. It enables you to connect wirelessly. I’m in the middle of a flu B illness at the moment and it took everything I had to just go out to the truck, connect it … Note the update version number under the title. I have provided them videos demonstrating the sequence of crashing of their box, screen shots and comments. There are probably many other situations you can think of that just make CARPLAY2air a convenient accessory to add to your collection. Moderator. Plug the adapter into the CarPlay USB port. So why use CARPLAY2air rather than just attaching a Lightning cable to your iPhone? There is also the convenience of not being tethered to the cable when we need to enter an address into Apple maps or otherwise use our phone while in the car. […] Forget about carrying car keys with you or losing them when your iPhone can also double as an intelligent digital key. Dead easy to install (remember to first delete–forget–the earlier pairings done through your wired connection). Absolutely horrible product and horrible customer service. The CarPlay controls were exactly the same as when our iPhone is connected with a Lightning cable. It has never gotten as good as the original version of software provided. Erhaltene Likes 6 Beiträge 67 Fahrzeug 308 SW Allure GT-Line EAT8 PS 130 Kraftstoff Diesel. Connect wirelessly to your factory Carplay in your Audi, VW, Mercedes-Benz, Volvo or Porsche vehicle what was not possible before. If your car supports wired Apple CarPlay, then we’ve found a gadget to set you free of the cable. Skip to main A word of caution as you consider making a purchase. 3.3 out of 5 stars 132. Depending on your car's setup, you can prompt Siri a few different ways. Subscribe to Apple Tech Talk and received a free Mac Keyboard Shortcuts Guide by email. I had to send 10 mails for a month to exchange. Support from the company is poor and you are correct that they do not post anything less than 4 stars. Contact Us | Terms of Use | Privacy Policy. As is probably obvious, using CARPLAY2air means your iPhone is not charging while in use. Manufacturers such as BMW have embraced a wireless version of CarPlay where the car connects to your phone without removing it from your pocket. Check out our review of the CPLAY2air wireless CarPlay dongle. 437 Posts . Thank you for your comments. Second, you really need to do your research to see if your car is compatible with it. Visit their site for a full vehicle compatibility list. One last thing, I did contact the seller, he responded with this: "Thank you for purchasing our CPLAY2air adapter! As of August 4, 2020, Apple Card users will receive 3% Daily Cash when making purchases at Panera Bread when you use your Apple Card with Apple Pay. It may not be copied without the written permission of Ripoff Report. In this video, I update from 2019.12.31 to 2020.01.09. Also, don’t forget to “Like” us on Facebook, “Follow Us” on Twitter and add the Apple Tech Talk channel to your Apple News app. I say that because the new car manufacturers have the ability, and use it, to update their car software at any time. It will connect and display the CarPlay interface for about 30 seconds then disconnect for about 15 seconds after which it reconnects for another 30 seconds. It’s trash that needs to boycott. Wired Android auto module inside. Plug the adapter into the CarPlay USB port. It doesn’t work in my 2018 Mazda6 either. Just a follow-up on this. Do not switch off your car, do not disconnect the dongle, do not turn off your iPhone or navigate away from the Safari page during this update. The update will address any issues users have encountered and shared with the CPLAY2air team, so if you still experience any issues, let them know about it so they can fix it for you and anyone else experiencing the same problem. Over the months I came to realize that they were not willing, or able, to answer questions but always had a new software load to send me to install and try. The dongle version I have is 2019.11.11. keep in mind there are multiple wires CarPlay units on the web that claim to do this, I am using Carplay2air. Do not switch off your car, do not disconnect the dongle, do not turn off your iPhone or navigate away from the Safari page during this update. I've reach out to support for both dongles several times. As a plug-and-play solution, the CPLAY2air is very easy to install. (8 hours ago) carplay2air setup, Carplay2Air I purchased the dongle and had lots of problems with it connecting reliably. That means we have to unplug the Lightning cable so we can take the iPhone with us and then reconnect it when we get back in the car. Ordered Sep 11, arrived Sep 18. I"m happy just using a magnetic USB cable. Turn on the Bluetooth and WiFi networks on your phone. The unit never worked in my 2020 Cadillac CT5, and after “troubleshooting” it for a week they basically told me I must return it and they would charge me $25 restocking PLUS I have to pay for shipping back to CHINA. The opinions expressed in the review were our own and based on our own independent testing. This dangle (Carplay2air) is working 100% of the time so long as I wait for it to autolaunch on its own. 5. If you are willing to take a chance or have money to waste, buy this box. Convert wired CarPlay connection to the wireless one! Carplay2air has gone downhill in customer service and has been slow to ship. CarPlay Life isn’t affiliated with Apple Inc and Apple CarPlay™. 2019 Rav4 XLE Premium 2021 Venza HV Limited 2018 Prius Prime. We did not receive any compensation for our review and it was not reviewed by anyone outside of Apple Tech Talk before publication. Make sure your phone is not connected to any other WiFi or Bluetooth networks and remove the hands-free connection from your phone and car system settings. At best, it's been hit-or-miss getting these to even initially connect properly with my 2020 Odyssey Elite. November 2019 #2; Wow, das ist klasse. Maybe it just works better with my vehicle. It is my belief that they will never be ready. T6 Legend. If you have been looking for a wireless CarPlay solution, you may not need to get a new car. At this point, your dongle should reboot and load you back into CarPlay. See the complete list of 3% partners here. Vielen Dank für den Link! Don’t miss out! Works really well in my 2016 MB GLA45 with iPhone X, iOS 14. rentals. Member. With the CARPLAY2air adapter now installed, our head unit now provided an option to use the wireless system. Und bei VW wird das Discover Pro benötigt! I have been using this product in my 2020 Toyota Highlander for about two weeks now. Caplay2air is an expensive trash. They also support after-market head units from Pioneer, Alpine and Kenwood. CARPLAY2air supports a wide range of car makes and models and you can find a complete list on their web site here. Since CARPLAY2air creates a separate profile in the iPhone CarPlay app, you merely open the CarPlay setting screen and delete that profile. They are slow. Since a firmware update a few weeks ago, it has worked flawlessly, allowing all Apple CarPlay functions to be used. I’ve used mine in my MB GLA 45 for a few months. But no…, Epson Announces New Desktop Document Scanners Designed for Maximum Productivity and Seamless Organization The CARPLAY2air adapter measures 3.375” long x 1.5” wide x 0.5” thick. You will see many similar looking devices on line, including on Amazon. CarPlay Life is a blog dedicated to Apple’s CarPlay platform. 00:10 – Intro00:30 – How the dongle is connected and how to apply the update01:55 – Open Safari on your iPhone and enter the URL – Checking latest update notes and release date02:45 – Applying the update03:30 – Reboot and testing the update04:26 – Cold start to CarPlay menu test (35 seconds)06:15 – Steering wheel controls test. DO NOT BUY FROM THIS COMPANY. Really happy with this, works great, little tip if your car is right near your house and you’re still connected to Wifi it may not connect automatically the first few times so manually connect to it via WiFi (it still might not connect) but keep manually connecting and your iPhone will learn to prioritise it’s WiFi, it connects flawlessly now. Click here for instructions on how to enable JavaScript in your browser. However the latest IOS update to 13.3.1 seems to have dramatically improved the connection and reliability of the dongle. That may not sound like much but do it multiple times on a trip and it gets to be annoying. Watch YouTube video on CarPlay Display... Kyvol Cybovac E31 Robot Vacuum Cleaner... Buy this CPLAY2air wireless Apple CarPlay dongle, Make sure the dongle is connected and has power and is running CarPlay already on your display, Use the same iPhone that’s transmitting wireless CarPlay to the dongle, Open Safari on this iPhone and enter the URL and press Go, Wait for the page to load, it should be pretty instant as you are connecting locally. Like other classes of products we often test, CARPLAY2air falls into the category of, it works or it doesn’t. And here comes the kicker, they only allow you to send it back once. With the Wireless CarPlay® adapter, you no longer need to connect your iPhone to the infotainment system via the data cable in order to use the CarPlay function. Deaky On yer bike. In cases where a review is sponsored or provided by a manufacturer, we will also fully disclose it in the review. Working very well at this point. Genius. New Open Storage System….

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