Notify me of follow-up comments by email. Add the dry fish as well. DID YOU MAKE THIS RECIPE? Pounded Yam is the most stretchy of all the Nigerian fufu recipes that is if it is well prepared. Ditch the bread and eat some yam. You can have boiled yam on your table in under 30 minutes. Salt to taste (Optional) Cooking Directions. Yam is cooked if a fork goes through it easily. Asaro (Nigerian Yam Porridge) Yam porridge (with white yam) is a distinguished way of preparing yam because it allows for creativity in cooking. Eat boiled yam the same day and warm. Before you cook Yam Porridge. Thanks for sharing. It is quick and easy to make, delicious and healthy when eaten in moderation. After boiling the yam for a good time, then add the smoked fish, pepper, the onions, ground crayfish, maggi, as well as the palm oil. Content hide Before you cook your yam pottage Preparation of Yam Pottage Asaro is a special type of mashed yam porridge done by the Yoruba people of Nigeria. I am sharing this recipe as a post on its own because I picked up something vital to re-create the potato chips experience with Yams. If you have had rice balls, potato pockets then you would love yam balls. See my special sauce recipe here, Yam Balls: This is mashed yam seasoned with spices and a binder. What is yam and how do you cook it? Add water to the pot which contains the cut yam cubes. Fried Yam: The yam is cut into strips and deep-fried, Roasted yam: You cut the yam into Big chunks and roast in the oven or open fire. var cx = 'partner-pub-0230090942021784:8804722714'; Oh yes, I agree with you, it is a simple recipe a child could make under supervision. First, cut and peel off the skin of the yam. It is a unique colour, feel and taste. Please read my Full Affiliates Disclosure here. Add yam cubes to this carrot leek soup to make it filling and hearty. Yam in soups: swap potatoes for yam in soups. It can even be used as part of cake ingredients and also used in dumplings. USE #MYACTIVEKITCHEN OR TAG @MYACTIVEKITCHEN ON INSTAGRAM SO I CAN SEE YOUR PHOTOS, I WOULD LOVE TO SEE YOUR CREATIONS. More, importantly, yam should not be confused with sweet potatoes. Peel off the back of yam and slice into serve-able bit, wash and set aside. Cook the yams until they’re tender. that way, they don’t stick together and you can use them as desired. Nigerian Food Search. In a case like this, soak it in water overnight before boiling. Then, peel the yam and dice it into cubes, slice it into circles or chip-like shapes After that, lay them out on a flat baking sheet covered with some parchment paper and season with salt and pepper and any other spices. A balanced meal and a new way to enjoy yam. Boiled yam is another popular way to cook and eat yam. Boiled yam can be eaten with Egg Sauce, Corned beef stew, Egg stew, Ata dindin (fried stew), Garden egg stew or the good old tried and trusted omelette. OMG this is a really easy recipe for an 11 year old this is wonderful keep up the good works. Well, the Caribbeans do. How to cook yam. These Nigerian dishes are easy and straightforward especially my no-frills recipes. This is the special yam pepper soup that Igbo new mothers enjoy right after giving birth. Here is how to make yam (tomato) sauce in Nigeria; you can either blend or chop the tomatoes/fresh pepper and onions to bits, this will affect the appearance of the sauce at the end of the day. Reduce heat and simmer until yam is cooked through. Make sure it is not too soft or it all goes mushy. Place yam fries in pot, cover with water and bring to the boil over high heat. Slice yam into about 1-inch size and peel the skin off. Welcome to the best website in the whole global for All Nigerian foods/recipes, in case you are searching out brief, simple and easy Nigerian recipes then you definitely at the right website!. Yam is a blank canvas, it requires few ingredients to make it and it is very easy to cook too. Crunchy fried yam chips goes well with stew and you won’t want to stop eating especially if the yam just got off the frying oil! var sc_text=2; Copyright © 2021. Allow boiling then add crayfish, a seasoning cube, salt … Oven Baked Yam Chips: A healthy alternative recipe to fried yam. Yam is a food crop that is produced for commercial purpose. Serve Onunu with Rivers states Native soup or fresh fish pepper soup. Boil till the yam is soft. Yam may help with blood sugar levels, reduce inflammation, and improve brain health. It is very quick to make too. Roasted Yam is one of the most popular street foods in Nigeria. I would be trying this. Firstly, can I burst your bubbles and break it to you that yam is a Vegetable… Well, a tuberous root vegetable!! 5. First time trying. It is also a great source of pottasium, vitamin A and C. Yam acts as an anti oxidant. The following how-to instructions would guide you to cooking boiled yam perfectly. If its old yam, it takes longer to cook. This is the normal Ji Mmanu you know, it has been pimped up for special occasions. Like I mentioned earlier, yam is a blank canvas and you can do just about anything with it. gcse.type = 'text/javascript'; Click here for the video. Pour enough water over the pieces of yam to cover them completely. Best way of doing this is by flash freezing the sliced yam on a single layer before putting them away in a ziploc bag. Copyright © 2021 My Active Kitchen on the Cookd Pro Theme. TOMATO STEW. Join GEENA as she takes you through fun cooking and eating on the best Cook show in Nigeria (we no dey make mouth). It's like enjoying Bitterleaf Soup without the swallow. All rights reserved. Some of the Nigerian Popular yam recipes include the almighty pounded yam also called Iyan. Ji Abubo is one of the most traditional ways to enjoy boiled yam in Igboland. As an Amazon Associate, I earn from qualifying purchases. Add all ingredients except the false cubeb leaves, dried fish and salt. Rinse in clean water till water runs clear and no residue in water. Alternatively, yam can be added to catfish pepper soup or any other type of Nigerian pepper soup. Yam are good source of starch and carbohydrates. boiled yam, Fried yam, how to cook yam, yam recipe, Cut yam tuber into 1-inch sizes round slices. I do this sometimes too. Egusi soup is a perfect accompaniment for pounded yam (Iyan) and it is often served at Nigerian parties too. When it is time to cook, do no thaw the yam. If you use this quantity of water and your yam is cooked and there is too much liquid, take a few cubes of yam out, pound it and return to the pot, it will absorb the liquid. Then you need to serve with the white cooked yam. It is high in fibre which helps keep hunger at bay. Turn the yam mixture till some of yam is mashed and then allow to cook for another 5 minutes. Yam – The type of Yam we use is commonly referred. Traditional Igbo men and women can relate to this classic dish. But, is Nigerian fried yam healthy? gcse.src = '' + cx; After 30 minutes, the yam should be soft with a little water in the pot. Yam is seasonal and they can be a bit dry if it’s not in season. var sc_security="9d00c268"; Onunu: This is made by pounding boiled African yam and boiled plantain together with palm oil. Learn how to make yours at home. Now, we are ready to start the cooking process itself. Sweet potatoes are often referred to as yam but they are not the same thing. Leave to cook for about 15 minutes on low heat until yam becomes very soft. Cut Yam, slice and peel the skin off Rinse yam and put in a pot, cover with water, add salt, sugar, cover and leave to boil for 25 minutes or till soft (when poked with fork it goes in without resistance) When soft, drain the water and leave the yam to cool Serve with sauce of choice. Cook the yams in a pot of water for 20 minutes. Grind / Blend the pepper. It has the ability to accommodate as many ingredients as possible but trust me, you won't like it looking too busy as this makes it less enjoyable and tiring. Yam (Puna) is very popular in Nigeria and other parts of Africa. Boiled yam can be eaten as breakfast with egg sauce, fried stew, garden egg stew or egg stew. When the yams are in the pot, allow them to cook until they are tender on the outside but a bit resistant in the center when you pierce them with a fork or knife. gcse.async = true; Grind the crayfish. Cut the yam tuber into 1-inch sizes round slices. Pounded yam is one of the many yam recipes in Nigeria. Rinse thoroughly and place in a pot. Fry the ground tomatoes/pepper and onions for five to ten minutes, add water and transfer the sliced yams. Required fields are marked *. Peel and cut the yam tuber into medium cubes. Advertise Here | Privacy Policy | Disclaimer, Ji Mmiri Oku (Yam Pepper Soup for New Mums). Brings so much variety with one staple. In fact, when you do a quick search on google for yam recipes, you will be bombarded with sweet potato recipes. Yam pottage (Asaro) needs no major introduction. Add sliced yam to a bowl and cover with cold water, this helps it from discolouration. Cut the yam tuber into 1 inch slices. Add some water and salt to taste, and leave to boil for 15 minutes. In today’s post, I would be showing you how to cook African yam perfectly at all times and other recipes you can use it with. The months of February and April are best to plant yams when the rainy season is just beginning. More From: Educative. You just need to mash the yam … This was essy and went well with my goat. Yam is also often referred to as potatoes in some other part of the world. it is very delicious and also very popular. Add water so that the yam pieces are almost submerged in water (but not completely submerged). Depending on the circumference of the yam, you may want to cut into halves for easier cooking. Store peeled and washed raw yam slices in the freezer for up to 3 months. This way, the pieces will not stick together and you can select for use at your convenience. Many of us would have eaten fried yam in various ways. Cook from its frozen state. Search for your favorite Nigerian food recipe on this website: enter the name of the meal in … Place on medium heat and cook till yam is soft. Overall, yam is a healthy food (vegetable) but it should be eaten in moderation. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Mine took … Using a sharp knife, slice into one side of the yam one at a time about 3 cm deep and peel around the circumference. Also, add the sliced utazi and scent leaves, you can use the dried utazi if you can’t find the fresh one. This does not make a difference to the recipe at all. Yam can be eaten boiled, fried, roasted or pounded. How to cook yam . Wash the slices, place in a pot and pour water to cover the contents. Your email address will not be published. Enjoyed . Now add the palm oil, chopped onions, ground crayfish, pepper, stock cube and cooked dried fish/smoked fish and cook until the yam is done(tender). You just made yourself a delicious Nigerian porridge yam with vegetables, CONGRATULATIONS! All Nigerian Recipes. In a case like this, soak it in water overnight or some few hours before boiling. Yam business in Nigeria: Today we’re going to talk about starting yam business in Nigeria, whether with a small capital or big capital, and making tremendous profits. Prepare the ridge beds and measure one meter high and one meter gap from … Don’t add salt to yam if it is meant to be eaten as pounded yam. Nigerian Yam Recipes. You can leave it circular if you want. (function() { Mash the boiled yam, adding Peak Milk as you mash. It is ridiculously easy to make and very delicious too. Categories: Nigerian Recipes Tags: boiled yam, how to boil yam on the stove, how to cook yam, yam, yam recipes. Iyan is pounded yam. Let’s take assorted meat peppersoup from appetizer level to main course level. Pounded yam is eaten with Nigerian soups like Egusi soup, efo riro and other Nigerian vegetable soup. Boiled yam is an easy yam recipe, a blank canvass that can eaten with anything. s.parentNode.insertBefore(gcse, s); Then cover the pot and cook till the yam is well cooked. You can also use boiled yam to make pounded yam and yam porridge. You need a tasty yam recipe in no time? Drain the yam (do this to avoid soggy yam) and serve immediately. Add salt and the cubes of butter, stir and set aside to cool down a bit. It is also one of Nigerians popular street snacks, best eaten with special fried sauce. If your yam is not cooked and the pot is drying out, add more water. Blend about 8 … 12 Nigerian dishes every Nigerian and non-Nigerian should know how to cook. If you have about one hectare of land, you will have to prepare the soil for planting the yam seeds. When paired with a sauce that contains assorted meat or fish, Dun Dun becomes more nutritious. The weeds would be allowed to dry up with the soil to form organic manure. This is commonly done on an open fire in Nigeria. That is, from the freezer straight to boiling water. Stir in 1/2 teaspoon (2.5 g) of salt and turn the heat to high. 1. Put the Yams inside a Pot, add Water just to the level of the Yams and let it cook for 15 minutes on a medium to high heat Add the starter Sauce (you can check the recipe for the sauce in my video- Link … Your email address will not be published. better buy a yam pounder,we used to have one but i dont know where my mum got it from.all you need do is to peel the yam and put it in the punder,press the cook button,when it is cooked,it makes an alarm and you turn the pound button.before you know it your 'iyan' is ready. var sc_invisible=0; New yam is softer and requires shorter cooking time and water. It should take approximately 10 to 15 minutes. Yam porridge: A one-pot yam recipe. Rinse yam clean thoroughly and place in a large saucepan. Search for your favorite Nigerian food recipe on this website: enter the name of the meal in the box below and click the search button. Peel and cut your yam (sweet potato or plantain) and set aside. Place the yams into a pot, add enough water to cover the yams, add a level teaspoon of salt and leave to boil for about 10 to 15 minutes. This is why it is a popular staple and you are sure to find it in every Nigerian pantry. In this video, I show you how to make iyan. 2. In Africa, water yam and puna as called yam. var gcse = document.createElement('script'); Cover the pot and … Using a sharp knife, slice into one side of the yam one at a time about 3 cm deep and peel around the circumference, Add enough water to cover the yam and add salt and sugar if using. Pour a little vegetable oil in a frying pan and fry the onions and peppers for about 7 minutes. Ofe Nsala (White Soup): Ofe nsala is another popular soup in Nigeria, the soup is thickened with pounded yam and also eaten with pounded yam. Drain the yam (do this to avoid soggy yam) and serve immediately with other side of choice. Do you know Nigeria produces over 70% of the yam consumed in the world? Enjoy! Set these aside. Place on medium heat and cook till yam is soft. Peel and cut the slices into half moons. Add enough water to cover the yam and add salt. It fits better in the pan when done this way. Put yam in a pan, add enough water to cover it, add salt and place on medium heat and cook till soft. If you want particularly soft yams, cook them for 20 to … According to Wikipedia, yam is a common name for plant species in the genus “Dioscorea” that form edible tubers. This easy recipe makes it possible to eat yam with a selection of sauces. Drain water from yam … You only need salt in boiled yam but some people also add sugar. They are not the same thing. Rinse the yam cubes and place in a sizeable pot. Store peeled and washed yam slices in the freezer for up to 3 months. Do not keep it in the fridge as it drys out. Yam is used to make very fast and easy recipes. When the yam is frozen, you can then remove the pieces and then transfer to a freezer bag. This recipe, rich in vitamins, lets you experiment with different leafy vegetables. Yam Pottage/Porridge also known as Asaro by the Yoruba People of Western Nigeria, is a Stew Mashed Yam delicacy cook with either Palm Oil or vegetable Oil. Lastly, cooking time will depend on the size of the … Yam is a very popular Nigerian staple food which is a source of carbohydrate and is often replaced with rice. Yam is used to make very fast and easy recipes. Rinse yam clean thoroughly and place in a large saucepan, Add enough water to cover the yam and add salt. Boil them till tender and don’t forget to add more water from time … If you are new to Nigerian cuisine, this should be your introduction. This quick and easy yam recipe is for you! Finally, add the onions and cover to cook for the next seven to ten minutes. Small yams can be cooked in their skins, but larger ones should be peeled, washed and blanched for 10-20 minutes in boiling salted water before being used. Pour the water and the beans in a pot, make sure the water covers your beans. Test with a fork, if it goes through, then the yam should be soft enough. 3. The mashed yam is formed into a ball, egg washed and covered in breadcrumbs before frying. Don’t add salt to the yam if you would be serving it as pounded yam. frozen yam can be cooked or fried from frozen. It helps clean up the uterus. Learn How to Cook Nigerian Foods Today!! PLEASE RATE IT AND LEAVE ME A COMMENT. A special recipe for that fried yam that is crunchy on the outside and moist inside. store unpeeled yam tuber in a cool place for up to 7 days, keep longer if it is dry yam. This is no ordinary pepper soup! store unpeeled yam tuber in a cool place dry place for up to 7 days, keep longer if it is dry yam. You just made a delicious pot of catfish pepper soup, taste for salt, maggi and pepper. It is necessary to clear bushes and grasses before rainy season if there are any. Yam is seasonal and they can be a bit dry if it’s not in season. White Sliced Nigeria YamPorriage or pottage yam Nigeria saro Yam Porridge Nigeria below is how to cook yam porridge in Nigeria with fried tomato sauce, actually the best recipe. Learn how your comment data is processed. (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); var sc_project=7832586; Heat your frying pan and add about 10cl of groundnut oil heat for about two minutes then add sliced onions fry and stir for a minute then add the ground tomatoes and pepper. These are evergreen classic yam recipes. The idea behind making Yam chips actually came from my plan to cook Steak Nigerian, the recipe for which will be coming up shortly. Ensure the water is enough to cover the yam and cook with medium to high heat. })(); Yam Ball is another way to enjoy sweet yam. Then strain out the water and set aside. White puna yam: as much as you can eat. In Nigeria, yam porridge is also called Asaro (food) or yam pottage. Yam contains nutrients such as carbohydrates, protein, fiber, fat, and antioxidants that are all required by the body. (optional), cook for another three minutes and stir very well to achieve the very thick syrup that is an integral part of the Nigerian porridge yam. This is why it is a popular staple and you are sure to find it in every Nigerian pantry. * Now wash and cut the fish (if you have whole fish), then place in another pot, add water to almost the level of the fish. It is a Nigerian food eaten by a lot of people in Nigeria, mostly Yoruba. 1. THANK YOU! Yam is cooked if a fork goes … It is a very popular Nigerian mashed Yam and […] var s = document.getElementsByTagName('script')[0]; Pour the pieced yam into a cooking pot, add water to the level of the yam. Pick out the bones from the fish crumbs and rinse the fish.

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